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Biography for Jacob Kopnick

Jacob Kopnick, Associate Editor, is a reporter for Trade Law Daily and its sister publications Export Compliance Daily and International Trade Today. He joined the Warren Communications News team in early 2021 covering a wide range of topics including trade-related court cases and export issues in Europe and Asia. Jacob's background is in trade policy, having spent time with both CSIS and USTR researching international trade and its complexities. Jacob is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Public Policy.

Recent Articles by Jacob Kopnick

New Anti-Circ Regulations Open Questions About Public Interest Consideration, Scope Inquiries

Anti-circumvention petitioners need to walk a fine line between being inclusive in their definition of the scope of the goods to cover all goods potentially guilty of circumventing antidumping and countervailing duties, and not causing "mischief" at the International Trade…Subscribe to Read >>

CIT Judge Barnett Expects Some Videoconferencing to Continue

Judge Mark Barnett, chief judge of the Court of International Trade, suggested that videoconferencing, which was rolled out as a salve for judicial proceedings in the face of COVID-19, is here to stay, especially for certain smaller proceedings in various…Subscribe to Read >>

CAFC Sends Back Commerce's Use of AFA Over Change in Methodology for Valuing Service Revenue

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said in a May 24 opinion that the Commerce Department improperly hit respondent Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. with adverse facts available over its reporting of service-related revenue. Judges Pauline Newman, Alan…Subscribe to Read >>

CIT Sends Back Finding of No Evasion in EAPA Case Over CBP's Incomplete Review of the Record

The Court of International Trade in a May 23 opinion sent back CBP's decision finding that MSeafood Corp. did not evade antidumping duties by transshipping Indian frozen warmwater shrimp through Vietnam. Judge Claire Kelly said that CBP only reviewed part…Subscribe to Read >>

CIT Tells Commerce to 'Find a Practical Solution' on Verifying Non-Use Information for China's EBCP

The Commerce Department must "find a practical solution" to verify information from countervailing duty respondents' U.S. customers that shows that they did not use China's Export Buyer's Credit Program, the Court of International Trade said in an opinion released May…Subscribe to Read >>