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Biography for Jacob Kopnick

Jacob Kopnick, Associate Editor, is a reporter for Trade Law Daily and its sister publications Export Compliance Daily and International Trade Today. He joined the Warren Communications News team in early 2021 covering a wide range of topics including trade-related court cases and export issues in Europe and Asia. Jacob's background is in trade policy, having spent time with both CSIS and USTR researching international trade and its complexities. Jacob is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Public Policy.

Recent Articles by Jacob Kopnick

Commerce's FA Exception to Verification Claim in AD Case 'Defies Common Sense,' Petitioner Says

The Court of International Trade should remand the Commerce Department's failure to meet its obligation to verify the information of mandatory respondent Shakti Forge Industries in an antidumping duty investigation on forged steel fittings from India, petitioner Bonney Forge Corporation…Subscribe to Read >>

CIT Rules Against Commerce 'Bookend Methodology' in AD Case in Line With Federal Circuit

The Commerce Department's use of Thai surrogate data in two antidumping administrative reviews of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells from China was not properly supported, the Court of International Trade said in two nearly identical July 28 decisions. Judge Claire Kelly…Subscribe to Read >>

US, Mid Continent Steel Back Use of Simple Average in Differential Pricing Analysis in CAFC AD Case

The Commerce Department's use of a simple average to calculate a pooled standard deviation as part of the differential pricing analysis in an antidumping duty case was reasonable and permitted under the statute, the U.S. and Mid Continent Steel &…Subscribe to Read >>

Esquel Seeks Injunction Over Entity List Designation Despite Expected Commerce Action

Changi Esquel Textile (CJE), a Hong Kong-based apparel company and part of the Esquel group of companies, filed for a preliminary injunction on July 19 against its placement on the Commerce Department's Entity List. The company is seeking the injunction…Subscribe to Read >>

Transpacific Decision Debated in Case Over Solar Panel Tariff Exemption Withdrawal

In dueling briefs filed to the Court of International Trade in a case over the president's decision to reverse a safeguard exemption on bifacial solar panels, the Department of Justice and plaintiffs led by the Solar Energy Industries Association argued…Subscribe to Read >>