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US, Indian Exporter to Bear Own Costs After Exporter Drops Appeal at CAFC

Indian exporter Kumar Industries and the U.S. agreed that each should bear its own costs after Kumar withdrew its appeal at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in an antidumping duty case (Kumar Industries v. United States, Fed. Cir. # 24-1293).

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Kumar had appealed a decision sustaining the Commerce Department's assignment of a 13.61% adverse facts available AD rate to the exporter based on its "inadequate explanations" regarding one of its partners' ownership interests in two unnamed companies (see 2311270005). The rate came as part of the first review of the AD order on glycine from India, finding that Kumar prevented Commerce from conducting a proper affiliate analysis.

Kumar withdrew the appeal last month, saying it "elected not to further pursue its appeal" (see 2402260033).