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CAFC Rejects Rehearing Petition in Suit on Customs Broker License Exam

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit rejected customs broker license exam test-taker Byungmin Chae's petition for rehearing in his pro se case challenging the answers to a handful of questions on the April 2018 exam. Judges Pauline…

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Newman, Sharon Prost and Kimberly Hughes rejected the petition in a per curiam order. After failing the exam initially, Chae appealed his results twice to CBP, once at the Court of International Trade and once at the Federal Circuit, leaving him just one question shy of a passing grade (see 2305100030). His rehearing bid centered on one question that was previously considered by the appellate court (Byungmin Chae v. Janet Yellen, Fed. Cir. # 22-2017).