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Top Trade Law Daily Articles You May Have Missed

Trade Law Daily is providing readers with the top stories from last week in case you missed them. All articles can be found by searching on the title or by clicking on the hyperlinked reference number.

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ArticleReference #
Witnesses Ask Select Committee to Pass Level the Playing Field Act 2.02308310052
US Sues SpaceX for Employment Discrimination Through Export Control Laws2308250041
Former Trade Partner Becomes GC at Aviation Management Software Firm2308280044
Newly Released CBP HQ Rulings Aug. 292308300006
Newly Released CBP HQ Rulings Aug. 242308290008
Surety Firm Continues Defense Against Demand for Payment on Decades-Old Customs Bond After AHAC2308310036
At CAFC, US, CVD Petitioners Defend Use of 160% AFA Rate Due to Untimely Submissions2308290027
Newly Released CBP HQ Rulings Aug. 242308250011
Door Thresholds in Scope of Aluminum Extrusion Order, Petitioner Says2308300031
Avian Advocacy Groups Tell 11th Cir. Birds Species Can Be Imported Based on COO2308300033