Rulings, remedies and court proceedings for customs and trade professionals

International Trade Today Launches Trade Law Daily

Washington, DC (04/28/2021) – The editors of leading trade compliance publications International Trade Today and Export Compliance Daily announce the launch of Trade Law Daily, a new information service for lawyers, trade professionals and supply chain strategists involved in customs and trade compliance.

Trade Law Daily will provide timely, relevant information on court proceedings and agency rulings involving tariffs, classification, valuation, origin, and antidumping and countervailing duties so that subscribers are informed about important legal, compliance and supply chain management developments.

Currently, the growing volume and complexity of changes to U.S. trade law presents trade lawyers and compliance professionals with significant strategic and tactical supply chain challenges. The large number of federal courts and agencies involved in trade ruling decisions makes it difficult to identify and track regulatory changes that require additional compliance clearance. Meanwhile, increasingly aggressive administration policy in areas like tariffs and anti-dumping or countervailing duties makes it difficult to forecast and mitigate supply chain costs.

Trade Law Daily solves these challenges by providing actionable daily information on impactful trade developments in the following areas:

  • Rulings from CBP’s Office of Regulations and Rulings and National Commodity Specialist Division;
  • Customs ruling revocations and modifications;
  • CBP’s Enforce and Protect Act AD/CVD evasion investigations;
  • Detailed coverage of AD/CVD scope rulings;
  • AD/CVD determinations and new regulations and policies from the Commerce Department and International Trade Commission;
  • World Trade Organization disputes; and
  • Detailed reporting of customs and trade decisions from the Court of International Trade, and Federal Circuit.

“Trade lawyers and customs compliance professionals have to cope with constantly changing customs requirements from courts and agencies that could impact their clientele for years and cost millions of dollars,” explained Tim Warren, Trade Law Daily’s Managing Editor. “We have learned that they need a one-stop, centralized resource that aggregates everything they need to know: what’s changed, why it changed and how it will affect their operations. We believe Trade Law Daily will do exactly that.”

The service will be delivered via a concise daily email summary, in-depth PDF edition and access to a centralized library of related source documents at

Starting April 28th, select trade professionals will begin receiving Trade Law Daily by email on a complimentary basis during a limited preview period. Paid annual subscriptions will be made available at introductory rates during the preview period. Call 202-872-9200 or email for additional information.

Contact: Tim Warren, Managing Editor.